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Fun and easy to learn, Anagram Breaktime is a word puzzle game that provides a perfect challenge for when you need a break from your busy day!  You are given a set of 8 letters and must form as many English words as you can.  The words must be 5 letters or more.  Proper nouns are not allowed.  The more letters in your word, the more points you get - spell an 8-letter word for a big bonus!

Anagram Breaktime game play screen

The bottom-left corner of the screen tells you how many words you must find to advance to the next round.  It also shows you how many 5-letter, 6-letter, 7-letter and 8-letter words you need to get a Perfect score and big bonus!  If you're stuck, you can shuffle the letters around which sometimes suggests other possible words you can spell.  If you're still stuck, you can ask a friend on Facebook - this will share a message to your wall indicating the letters you've been given so your friends can also try to guess.  If you're thoroughly stumped, then you can click the "Hint" button which will reveal a word for you.  Using hints deducts points and prevents you from getting a perfect round!

Anagram Breaktime Complete game play screen

You can play the game for free.  The free version has advertisements and no hints.  Or, you can play Anagram Breaktime Complete, the paid version which has no ads, unlimited hints, and other features like the golden tile, which gives you double score.  The paid version also supports hardware keyboards.  Both versions of the game have no timer to rush you and require no network connection - our goal is to give you an enjoyable game play experience without all the hassle!  Enjoy Anagram Breaktime today!

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