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Sudoku Breaktime is a fun and challenging number puzzle game!  Similar to "magic squares", sudoku puzzles present you with a 3x3 grid of boxes.  Each box itself contains 3x3 squares which can be filled in with numbers.  For each box, you must fill in the squares with the digits 1 through 9, such that each digit appears exactly once.

Sudoku Breaktime game play screen

Additionally,each digit must appear exactly once across every row and down every column.  If the game detects that you've entered a digit more than once in any row, column or box, it marks it with an X and points are deducted.

Sudoku Breaktime game play screen

At the beginning of the game, some digits are already filled in to help you get started.  There are three difficulty levels:  novice, regular and expert.  The easier levels reveal more digits in the beginning but you score fewer points.  The harder levels reveal fewer digits and don't immediately tell you if you've answered correctly.  The game generates a new random puzzle every time you play, and every puzzle is solvable!

You can play the game for free.  The free version has advertisements.  Or, you can play Sudoku Breaktime Complete, the paid version which has no ads and lets you get hints in case you're stumped (but the hints incur a score penalty!)  Both versions of the game give you a bonus for solving the puzzles quickly, but if you find the timer distracting you can tap on it and it will go away.  Tap it again and it will come back!  The games require no network connection - our goal is to give you an enjoyable game play experience without all the hassle!  Enjoy Sudoku Breaktime today!

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